Why Are They Attacking My Country?


Matt Barber talks about the strategy and the goals behind the real gay marriage movement. If this were the only movement seeming to tear down, brick by brick, the very foundation of our country we could deal with it, but it's not! All of us have relatives who came here from other parts of the world. If you were to examine your family history by having your dna tested you would probably be amazed, as I was, by a ancestral chart picturing your roots. We were truly the melting pot of the World, and it worked, immigrants helped build the greatest country in the history of the World.

If that's the case, why are you so concerned about the "undocumented immigrants" of today you ask? Because they are NOT immigrants, they are illegal aliens and there is a big difference. However, the "professional spinners" and the participating media have managed to convince us they are just a continuation of our history by repeatedly referring to them as "undocumented immigrants". They have done the same thing with "abortion" by softening it to a "woman's right to choose", but that is a subject for another time.

Never in our history have we allowed millions upon millions of people to "sneak" across our borders and then have advocates force us to honor their customs instead of our own. I have one relative who came here on the Mayflower and another in the hold of a ship as an indentured servant. The difference in the immigrants of then and the illegals of today is assimilation. Our relatives blended into their chosen country, they became Americans. Today's illegals want the benefits of living here while maintaining seperation by keeping their customs and forcing us to honor them, many times in lieu of our own. The "for life" political class have figured out that keeping us divided will help them keep their place at the trough!

What the hell happened to my country while I was sleeping, you ask a few years from now? I doubt most of you will much like the answer!